Monday, December 1, 2008


"Shaped by Rob Vaughn".

Another 3rd string rookie. What a forking flapper, uses a machine blank and has the gaul to torture it. Like how he sanded forever on the end of the left bottom. I couldn't stand to have him under my roof; it would make me go INSANE. Think of all those people who are spoon fed great heaping piles of shit because of the "NAME". I would love to see him in action with a real blank, a real hunk of wood down the middle and have to figure out how to turn rail bands with two hands. Next month, I heard Surfers Journal is doing an ironic story on him - the irony is he can't use any electric tools. I did more technical shit today than he has done in a lifetime.

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Olosurfer said...

Nice to see it being called the way you see it. Down with Billabong, the McDonalds of surfing !