Monday, December 1, 2008

Master Shaper I and II

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Master I

The Damascus Production Group introduces the first in its "Master Series". This project developed as aspiring shapers and backyard foam scrubbers had a desire to build longer more traditional classic surfboards. The "101" series opened the door for many who had a desire to learn how a modern surfboard is built. The Master Shaper Series takes the concept further and much deeper into the craft, focusing on the lost art techniques used in the '60's and '70's style boards that are today some of the most sought after collectibles.
The topics, layout and production of this video project were carefully considered. Using feedback from many of the Internet's most popular surfboard design forums and discussion boards, this program is designed for both the beginner and more advanced builder. Jim Phillips has been involved with many notable labels and projects. Today his name is synonymous with high quality shaping with an emphasis on intricate foam and wood blank designs. This is an unprecedented glimpse over the shoulder of one of surfing's true craftsmen. Other surfboard shaping films include 20 minutes of actual instruction within a film meant primarily for entertainment. In contrast, the Master Shaper Series is an in-depth look into shaping education, filling 2 hours with detailed, informative and applicable instruction.

  • Tools/safety
  • Design theory
  • Layout
  • Shaping
  • Finishing

  • Master II

    The final entry in the Master Series. We are calling it the Master Shaper II. The focus of this video is shortboard shaping although we did make sure to include many of the intermediate topics not covered in the first shaper video. This DVD has a much faster pace than the previous two but no less information. There is a lot of ground covered in this disk so it may take a few viewings to get it all down. In contrast to the original Master Shaper Series, this new addition focuses on the modern shortboard. Also included in this DVD is an in-depth look at wooden boards. Check below for a detailed list of contents.

    Here are some of the things covered in the shortboard sequences:
  • Tools (with some new additions)
  • Very detailed look at the prep sequence
  • How to compensate for blank discrepencies
  • Plan shape
  • Shaping
  • Sanding
  • Blank detailing
  • Finishing work
  • Template making
  • Rocker templates
  • Spin templates
  • Pulling templates off existing boards
  • Fin placement explained
  • A comparison of the different rocker measurement procedures

  • Here are some of the things covered in the balsa sequences:
  • Cleaning up the raw materials (balsa block)
  • Determine and draw rocker
  • Tool settings and jigs
  • Cut rocker
  • Cut redwoood stringers
  • Glue up blank
  • Layout plan shape
  • Shape the blank
  • Sanding
  • Finishing
  • Chambering explanation
  • Chamber tools and jigs
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